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Caritas Volunteer Service

We will be giving the Volunteer Service a big push during Lent this year, starting with the production of new leaflets and posters which you will receive in your parishes in mid-February. The Volunteer Service runs a website: where potential volunteers can find suitable roles, as well as providing support to volunteers and to project staff who manage them.

Saturday 5 March – Volunteer Fair – Westminster Cathedral Hall

This is a chance for anyone in the diocese who feels they are called to give of their time and energy, to come and meet representatives of charities who are recruiting volunteers. More details will follow but please be prepared to promote this during February.


Upcoming Events

Please include the following in your parish newsletters when appropriate.

Diocese of Westminster network Meeting for all who work with older people.

Thursday 3rd February 2022, 11:00 – 12:30 – online

The event is for anybody who journeys alongside older people, perhaps by organising events or running projects. It is an opportunity to share ideas, discuss issues, and meet others who are engaged in the same mission.

Please contact Rosa Lewis for more information

Diocese of Westminster Network meeting for those involved in projects serving those who are homeless.

Thursday 10 February 2022

An opportunity for all parish and school homelessness projects to meet together, share best practice and ideas, receive training and agree main advocacy issues. Let’s use our strong network of Catholic charities, homeless projects and enthusiastic volunteers to tackle homelessness in the Diocese of Westminster.

Please contact Liz Wills for more information



Looking for Garden improvements in the New Year?

The Garden Enterprise at Caritas St Joseph’s, facilitates the employment of young adults with learning disabilities by engaging them in all aspects of garden maintenance. In addition, the Garden Enterprise can provide garden design services, and supply garden furniture, made out of recycled wood by adults with learning disabilities, at Caritas St Joseph’s. To discuss your garden maintenance and design requirements, please contact Gail Williams, the Centre Manager, at:



Listening to and the empowerment of those on the margins, is at the centre of the mission of Caritas Westminster, as the social action arm of the Diocese. As such we are keen to support any parishes to identify and listen to those on the margins as part of the ongoing Synod. In the first place we would encourage parishes to consult the Diocesan Synodal Resources here. The leader’s guide, has a strong focus on how to include those on the margins, and the guide for facilitators encourages, and provides resources for, different small group discussions. However, we can provide specific additional support on request, based on our Love In Action/ Catholic Social Teaching tools and drawing on our specific experience working with the Deaf Community, those with intellectual disabilities, and our food poverty, homeless, refugee, seniors and youth communities of practice.


We encourage parishes to continuously ask who isn’t included in the discussion and to look at different ways to approach these individuals. We urge parishes to be as innovative, nimble and flexible as possible, keeping Pope Francis’s intentions of listening, inclusion and participation firmly in sight. Where possible we are advising a cyclical process; continuously bringing more people from the margins into the centre (much like the process of mixing cake mix or kneading dough, inspired by a paper by Timothy Radcliffe OP ‘Kneading the Dough of the Eucharist’) at every stage of the synodal journey.


Longer term our focus at Caritas is on how we can build on the synodal process; looking to the future ‘dream’ [link to article] of a poor church for the poor.


If you would like support of how best to identify those on the margins, and how to engage them, in the synodal process and beyond, please contact your Development Worker.’