In infant baptism (christening) the child is baptised with water, initiating him/her into a journey of Christian faith. It is a special day for all the family and friends. Usually a godfather or godmother or both are appointed by the parents for the child. The role of the godparents is to help the parents accompany the child in the journey of faith, caring for his/her spiritual upbringing and ensuring that his/her faith is nurtured as he/she grows up. Consequently, to be able to perform this role the godparents should ideally be practising Catholics. Where they cannot be present at the baptism of the child, a baptised non-Catholic Christian can stand as a witness while the godparents can assume their role some time after the baptism.

If you would like your child to be baptised, please do inform the priest by completing the application form and forwarding it via email to the parish.

Please click here to download the infant baptism request form: Baptism Application Form