From St Therese of Lisieux

Keeping Little

How little known is the merciful love of the Heart of Jesus! It is true that to enjoy that treasure we must humble ourselves, must confess our nothingness…. and here is where many a soul draws back.

It is possible to remain little even in the most responsible position and besides is it not written that at the last day “The Lord will arise and save the meek and lowly ones of the earth”? He does not say ‘to judge’ but ‘to save’.

You do wrong to find fault and to try to make everyone see things from your point of view. We desire to be as little children. Now, little children do not know what is best. Everything is right in their eyes. Let us imitate them.

When we keep little we recognise our own nothingness and expect everything from the goodness of God, exactly as a little child expects everything from its father. Nothing worries us not even the amassing of spiritual riches.

Again, being as a little child with God means that we do not attribute to ourselves the virtues we may possess in the belief that we are capable of something. It implies, on the contrary, our recognition of the fact that God places the treasure of virtue in the hand of his little child for him to use as he needs it, though all the while it is God’s treasure.

Finally, to keep little means not to lose courage at the sight of our faults. Little children often tumble but they are too small to suffer grievous injury.