Privacy Notice


This Privacy Notice is provided to you by the Prior of the Community of Discalced Carmelites, Kensington who works together with the Parish Priest here in Kensington, the Provincial of the UK branch of the Order, the Trustees of the Charity of the Community of the Order of Discalced Carmelites as also with the Archbishop of the Diocese of Westminster, to deliver the Church’s mission.

Each of these communities, organisations or entities has, as a matter of course, its own data controller, the head, who is responsible for ensuring that the collection of ‘PERSONAL DATA’ from any individual is handled, processed, used and kept in a fair, just and open manner and in accord with all relevant legislation. Each and all are responsible to you and each other for how your personal data is managed including sharing with each other if and as necessary.



The Personal Data which The Carmelite Parish of Kensington collects and processes may include your title, names, address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, professional qualification/s and employment details as well as any photographic data obtained through the CCTV systems installed in the church and priory for the prevention and prosecution of crime.

For certain activities such as children’s catechism and sacramental preparation it will also include the relevant information of the child’s gender, age/date of birth and school attended.

In addition, catechists and those working in the parish regularly with children are required to obtain the necessary Safeguarding Certificate administered by the diocese.

Where donations to the church or community are made including any GIFT AID, financial identifiers which are required or, of necessity, revealed eg in a cheque, these will also be collected, used and handled in accordance with all legal requirements and this Privacy Notice.

Your Personal Data may be used for some or all of these purposes:

  • to enable us to meet all relevant legal and statutory obligations
  • to maintain parish records and accounts
  • to carry out best safeguarding practice and procedures to ensure that all children and vulnerable adults are provided with safe environments whilst with us for any legitimate reason
  • to ensure due diligence and complaints handling in Safeguarding
  • to enable communication on matters concerning the parish, its mission, community and upkeep of the church and priory premises
  • to enable us to provide spiritual and pastoral care including:
    • visiting the sick, gravely ill or bereaved
    • providing church services eg baptisms, confirmations, weddings and funerals
  • to carry out any other voluntary or charitable activities for the benefit of the public as provided for in the constitution and statutory framework of the parish
  • to fundraise and promote the work and meet the needs of the Church, community or parish
  • to enable a contract for provision of relevant goods or services eg candles or photocopying
  • for purposes of hire of any part of the premises or facilities eg church hall or for the loan of any item or equipment.



To prevent loss, misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure PERSONAL DATA is stored in security-controlled limited access computer files. Personal Data given in relation to contact by telephone or personally and so noted on paper, is stored in the first instance in locked cabinets in a limited access office and then digitally.

If any paper containing personal data is generated and required by law to be kept in that form it is kept securely on the premises in a locked cabinet eg financial data and parish registers.

Your Personal Data is kept up-to-date and only for as long as is necessary to enable the work of the parish and community to be carried out. It is destroyed securely and completely.

  • on your request at any time
  • on your departure from the parish which you have notified to us
  • on your demise.


  • Financial records which must be kept for 6 years AND
  • parish registers of Baptism, Confirmation and marriage which must be kept permanently
  • Personal Data supplied to us in the course of your gaining and keeping employment with us or carrying out a voluntary role, is kept as required for legal and administrative reasons.



At any time, free of charge, you may:

  1. request and receive in a timely manner, the information we hold about you
  2. inform us of any incorrect, out-of-date or incomplete information we hold about you and it will be accordingly amended
  3. make enquiry or complaint to the prior/data controller
  4. make complaint to Information Commissioner’s Office –
    Wycliffe House, Water Lane, WILMSLOW, Cheshire SK9 5AF Tel: 0303 123 1113

YOUR PERSONAL DATA is not otherwise given or shared with any third party

Your SPECIFIC CONSENT will always be obtained for any other use of your PERSONAL DATA

This Privacy Notice does not extend to any other entity whether accessed via a weblink or otherwise.

The Parish website does not contain COOKIES.

The Parish has not and does not authorise any social media platforms for communication. Any such platforms claiming the name of the parish or parish website are not authorised and should be avoided.

Privacy is recognised as a human right under various declarations and treaties.

In the United Kingdom the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) has been implemented through the Human Rights Act 1998 with protection of personal data provided by the Data Protection Act 1998 now replaced, extended and enhanced by the

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