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Man and Woman He Created Them

Man and Woman He Created Them

First published in 2006 this is a critical translation of Pope John Paul II’s many talks on aspects of the Theology of the Body by the internationally renowned biblical scholar Michael Waldstein.

Here is some further information taken from the website of Pauline Books and Media – the publishing House of the Daughters of St Paul:

Man and Woman He Created Them is the title John Paul II gave to his seminal work on the bodily dimension of human personahood, sexuality, marriage, and celibacy. First written while he was Archbishop of Kraków, then later revised and delivered as a series of catechesis after he became pope, this work was called “theology of the body” by John Paul II himself. In his momentous teaching, John Paul has left us the core of his great vision, focused on the mystery of love extending from the Trinity, through Christ’s spousal relation with the Church, to the concrete bodies of men and women. With keen insight into the modern “split” between the person and the body, he presents an integral image of the human person, one rooted in Sacred Scripture and the Church’s living tradition.