Catechism Classes

Together with you as parents and guardians and the priests and friars, there is a team of catechists helping in your task of enabling your child to have a greater understanding of the love Our Lord Jesus has for us all so that their love for Him may grow to guide them as they tread the paths of their lives amongst the difficulties of the world.


Classes of preparation for receiving this Sacrament take place on Sunday mornings after the 10.00am Mass ie approximately 10.50am until approximately 11.45am. They run on most Sundays within school terms from September/October to June. Children must be 7 years old by 31st August of the year in which the course starts. A copy of the child’s baptismal certificate must be given and a contribution is welcomed to go towards costs and your clergy offering. A sum will be suggested by the course leader.


BEFORE and AFTER First Holy Communion
There are classes according to age for the years until First Holy Communion. After children have made their First Holy Communion there are continuing classes to carry them forward and help them as they grow and develop so that their knowledge of the Gospel and the life and love of Christ may grow with them. Ultimately, they may join the confirmands.


Confirmands – candidates for Confirmation must be 13 yrs old by 31st August of the year in which the course starts. A copy of the child’s baptismal certificate must be given.

All PERSONAL DATA is used and kept in accordance with the Parish Privacy Statement the full details of which are to be found via the HOMEPAGE and directly here: Privacy Statement


If you would like your child to be enrolled in a class, please complete the form below. Please click the relevant box. Or download a paper form here: First Holy Communion/Confirmation Registration Form Complete and return to For adults seeking to register for Confirmation, please download the form here Adult Confirmation Registration Form and follow the instructions on the form.


    FIRST HOLY COMMUNION - children 7 years old by 31st August

    Post-Communion - children 8 to 12 years of age

    CONFIRMATION – Candidates must be 13 years old by 31st August

    Please input landline numbers with STD code in the format: 3 4 4 – eg 020 7123 4567

    Please only give the number of the parent to be contacted for catechism matters and input the number with a zero ‘0’ to begin the groups of 5 3 3 digits: eg 07897 123 456.

    Please only give the e-mail address of the parent to be contacted for all catechism matters.